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Travel to amazing destinations and events without taking time off work.

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You’re never too busy to travel.

Cheeky Weekend automatically plans your travel for the next year so you spend less time planning and more time exploring the world with your friends.

Skyscanner Booking.com AirBnb HotelWorld
Skyscanner Booking.com AirBnb HotelWorld

Hundreds of destinations.

Know the best weekends to visit almost anywhere. Always with up-to-date prices.

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No need to miss work.

Limited vacation days? Not a problem! Fly Friday night and come back Sunday.

Designed for busy people.

Herding cats? Start a group to find the weekend that works for everyone.

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Why Cheeky Weekenders ❤ Us

Chessie, Lifestyle Influencer

"I’ve already planned 4 weekends away with my boyfriend. It was so easy and now we’re hooked!"

- Chessie, Lifestyle Influencer
Riccardo, Consultant, Deloitte

"Prague had been on my wish list for ages - thanks to Cheeky, I finally booked it and I can’t wait!"

- Riccardo, Consultant, Deloitte
Sarah, VP Marketing, Spotify

"It’s great not to worry about bad flight times or airports. It makes choosing a destination fun."

- Sarah, VP Marketing, Spotify
Alex, Tech Entrepreneur

"I didn’t appreciate how good it feels to tell people I’m travelling on the weekend."

- Alex, Tech Entrepreneur

Travel more. Together.

Cheeky Weekend makes planning with loved ones as easy as sharing a link.