Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cheeky Weekend?

A Cheeky Weekend is a weekend trip to somewhere new and exciting in Europe. All the flights you see in the calendar leave on Friday evening and return Sunday evening, making it perfect for those who work the usual 'Monday-Friday' grind.

Why use Cheeky Weekend when you can just search for deals yourself?

While you could find out the cheapest weekend to fly to a particular destination on the search engines, Cheeky checks every weekend and destinations for you over the next four months - that's thousands of possible combinations. We save you hours (and days) of hard work so you can rest assured you're seeing the best value weekends to fly to your destinations.

Who is Cheeky Weekend for?

Cheeky Weekend is for serious explorers who want to make the most of European travel - and their weekends. Cheeky Weekend will help you save time, travel more and spend less. If you're flexible on the location or the weekend and interested in snagging an awesome deal to a new location you haven't been to before, Cheeky Weekend is for you.

Is Cheeky Weekend available in my city?

Cheeky Weekend is currently available from London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester and we're supporting new cities all the time.

How much will Cheeky Weekend cost me?

The 'Tourist' version is free and charges no commissions. Simply click on one of our amazing deals and you'll be taken to the website where we found that deal to book directly. With 30 free destinations to choose from, you're sure to find an awesome deal.

How can I see more destinations?

If you want more inspiration and cheap deals to three times the number of destinations, upgrade to Cheeky Explorer. Not only will you get over 100 stunning destinations to choose from, you also get access to our Experience calendar to book Europe's best experiences including Oktoberfest, Ibiza Opening Parties and the Zurich Street Carnival.

What is Cheeky Explorer and why should I upgrade?

Cheeky Explorer offers you three times the number of cities to choose from. That's over 100 amazing destinations that you can visit without taking time off work. Together with our 'Experience' calendar which maps the best weekend festivals over the next 12 months, you can plan your entire year's worth of travel - saving you more money in the process.

Is Cheeky Explorer available to me?

Cheeky Explorer is currently only available for departures from London.

How much does Explorer cost?

Cheeky Explorer costs £1.99 per month. By choosing the right weekend to fly with Cheeky's smart algorithm, you'll save more that this after just one weekend trip. Cheeky Explorer offers unbeatable value for those that want to travel regularly and make the most of Europe. For example, planning six weekend trips over the next 12 months can easily save you up to £500 in lower airfare.

I love Cheeky Weekend. How can I get involved?

We're so glad you asked. The best thing you can do to help is to share the word on social media. Tell others about your trips on Facebook and use our #cheekyweekend tag on Instagram. If you're a travel blogger, check out our Influencers Program.

Who is Cheeky Weekend?


Dave is a marketer and a sun-lover. His favourite place is Santorini because 'the place has a special energy, plus the food and weather are just amazing'.


Russ is a developer and culture hunter. He loves a trip to Budapest to 'wash away life's worries in a Baroque thermal bath with a cold beer.'