We just love to travel

Hello, I’m Dave. My co-founder Russ and I are big into travelling. Between us, we’ve been around the world a few times. Russ loves trying exotic foods and cultural stuff. I’m more into tanning and partying on the beach.

One thing we both have in common is we want to travel more. Those ‘cheap deals’ that always leave on Tuesdays are no good since we both have jobs. And we all know if you travel last minute, you’re going to get screwed.

So we’re building a product for folks like us: people that work hard and want to travel more without breaking the bank.

Building our dream travel website.

It’s pretty simple really. We work Monday to Friday so we have to travel on weekends. And we’re pretty flexible on the weekend as long as it’s a great destination and a bargain.

So we partnered with the biggest travel businesses in the world to find incredible (i.e. crazy-cheap) flights to great destinations without taking a day off work.

Since we launched Cheeky Weekend in May 2017, we’ve bought ten weekend flights between us and saved over £1000 compared to booking last minute. We hope Cheeky Weekends helps you travel more and be happier.

The Cheeky Team


Dave is a marketer and a sun-lover. His favourite place is Santorini because ‘the place has a special energy, plus the food and weather are just amazing’.


Russ is a developer and culture hunter. He loves a trip to Budapest to ‘wash away life’s worries in a Baroque thermal spa with cold, cheap beer.’